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Winter Park Trail Rides offers scenic horseback trail riding adventures within 10 minutes of Winter Park, Colorado, and only 70 miles from Denver. We offer you a unique opportunity to experience the Fraser Valley's natural beauty—on horseback!


Trail riding is a great way to spend a few hours with your family or friends, get out of town and get close to nature. Instead of hiking until your feet hurt, give your adventure a western feel with a higher point of view atop a horse. Enjoy a fun, friendly environment and give yourself and your family a day to remember.


Scenic Mountain Trails

We'll treat you to a horseback ride through the scenic Fraser Valley where you may see an occasional mule deer, fox, and porcupine and other small game animals. To the east of the trail you will be able to see the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. At the peak of the mountain you may be able to see the profile of an Indian Chief with a headdress.


The Indian Peaks Wilderness area was added to the National Wilderness Preservation System by Congress in 1978. The name was selected because many of the peaks within the wilderness are named for Native American tribes of the west. This wilderness area covers nearly 75,000 acres, following the Continental Divide south for nearly 16 miles, with the Rocky Mountain National Park as its northern border.

Indian Peaks contains vast areas of alpine tundra, numerous cirque basins with remnant glaciers, and nearly 50 lakes. Streams in the wilderness include Middle and South St. Vrain, Boulder, Buchanan, Cascade, and Arapaho Creeks. Elevations range from 8,400 to over 13,000 feet. The underlying rock of the Indian Peaks area is 80 to 90 percent Precambrian biotite gneiss formed approximately 1800 million years ago. The area has since been reshaped by at least six glacial sequences dating back 15,000 years.


Within Indian Peaks lie Ogallala Peak (13,333 feet), Paiute Peak (13,083 feet), Pawnee Peak (12,939 feet), Shoshoni Peak (12,962 feet), Apache Peak (13,438 feet), Navajo Peak (13,405 feet), Arikaree Peak (13,146 feet), Arapahoe Peak (13,392 feet), and Niwot Ridge. There are four trail passes—Devil's Thumb (11,747 feet), Arapahoe (11,906 feet), Pawnee (12,541 feet), and Buchanan (11,837 feet). These passes allow access to some of the most spectacular vistas in the United States. For more hikes in and near Indian Peaks, see "Hiking Brainard Lake." Brainard Lake is the hub for many trails into the Wilderness.


Wildlife include elk, mule deer, mountain lion, black bear, bobcat, ptarmigan, and snowshoe rabbit.Streams are inhabited by native cutthroat trout and introduced rainbow, brook, and brown trout. 


Looking to the west is Sheep Mountain and Byers Peak.

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